If your child or someone you know has difficulty organizing, planning, or keeping their workplace in good order, they may well have Executive Function (EF) challenges. Other signs of EF vulnerability include distractibility, difficulty with mental math and complex directions, and inability to deal with new types of problems or new information. The Executive Function Center of New York (EFCNY) offers Executive Function mentoring and Executive Function coaching that can be of tremendous benefit.

EFCNY has a three-part organic approach to Executive Function coaching, as emphasized by our world-renowned Founding Advisor Adele Diamond, PhD:

1) Students learn EFs by selecting real-world activities they love or are passionate about and pushing themselves to practice in various ways to get better.

2) We augment this practice with aspects of Emotional Intelligence skills and Mindfulness skills, which can greatly improve a student's ability to avoid distraction and impulsive actions.

3) We decrease stress, emphasizing the importance of sleep, good nutrition, avoiding isolation or pressure, and embracing a Growth Mindset.

Core EF Skills:Inhibitory controlWorking memoryCognitive flexibilityHigher-order Skills:ReasoningPlanningBeing Organized

The EFCNY Executive Function Channel

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Brief Executive Functions Podcast with Dr. Adele Diamond, PhD, and EFCNY Founder Stephen Rudin, MD.

Stephen Rudin, MD, graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine where he received his M.D. degree.  He is not in the practice of medicine at the EFCNY LLC, Peak Year LLC, Individual U LLC, Executive Function Tango LLC, Emotional Intelligence Tango LLC, or anywhere else.


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