“When your child needs the help of Dr. Rudin and his team, you will know. And if you send him or her, you will be very happy with the outcomes. We have certainly been when we have referred students and their families.” ­

—Ronald Stewart, Headmaster, York Preparatory School

“When my son was in middle school, he was struggling in school academically and socially.  He clearly had executive dysfunction. Teachers, tutors and psychotherapy were not helpful.  We were fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. Stephen Rudin and his team. While my son’s teachers had no idea how to help him, there was nothing that Dr. Rudin’s team had not seen or could not address. With their help, he improved, became much more executive, his confidence returned and he began to love to learn again. He is now a happy and successful junior in college, majoring in political science with minors in history and gender studies, elected president of the student body for his senior year. He would not be in this position without Dr. Rudin and his team.”

—A New York City Parent and Physician

"Dr. Stephen Rudin and his excellent team of mentors provide a unique and much needed program for children and young adults struggling with executive functioning, who are given an opportunity to develop and improve foundational skill sets in a creative and nurturing environment. Having seen the benefits in patients, I highly recommend EFCNY."

—Practicing Neuropsychologist, NYC



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